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If you are organising an in-house workshop, large conference event, or interactive discussion forum, our live real-time mind mapping could help you increase attendee participation, interaction, and post-event engagement. We help event organisers to capture and visually display ideas and discussions as they unfold, providing a unique and interactive visual record for attendees, through the use of leading-edge mind mapping software.

What type of events do you support?

Biggerplate supports a range of events, from large public conferences, to smaller internal workshops and meetings.

Mapping is most relevant and beneficial for the following type of sessions:

  • Interactive workshops
  • Panel Discussions

Interactive workshops

In these sessions, organisers ask attendees to participate in discussions about key questions or topics. Participants are asked to consider the topic, discuss in small groups, then feedback key ideas to the whole group for further discussion.

Much of the insight shared by groups is lost almost as soon as it is shared. Rarely are ideas captured in any coherent way that can be developed and carried forward. Attendees (and event organisers) listen attentively taking notes, but it is unrealistic to think that people will record or retain all of the key ideas, either in their own notes, or in their heads. Moreover, even if individuals have their own notes and reminders, there is no single coherent record that can be shared with all attendees. 

How can mapping help? For Participants Your attendees see that their ideas have been captured, and how their perspectives connect with input from other delegates, and the overall topic. For Moderators Your moderators can focus on keeping the discussions flowing, rather than trying to capture delegate feedback. They can use the mind map to check with groups and individuals in real-time that their perspectives have been accurately captured, and use the map as a prompt to extract and capture more information from participants where necessary. For Event Organisers No more relying on messy flip chart pages to compile your event reports and actions. The mind map acts as a coherent visual summary of the key topics discussed, to be supplemented by your own notes and other materials. The maps can be easily shared with participants as an interactive digital file.

Key Benefits

  • Engaged Attendees – Our process helps your participants see their individual ideas and input being captured alongside others on a projected mind map. The evolving map captures and represents all perspectives as the discussion develops and helps keep everyone on-track and engaged.
  • Information Clarity – Mind mapping is a fantastic way to help people get clarity around both the big picture, and the small details associated with a topic. It can also enhance people’s understanding and recollection of a discussion or presentation, by visually highlighting connections and relationships between key pieces of information.
  • Dynamic Visual Output – Our mind maps provide a unique visual output for your event, which helps to make your event, and the subjects covered, more memorable to those who were in attendance.
  • Easy Distribution – The output from our process can be immediately sent electronically to participants and non-attendees, giving you great marketing and follow-up material for your event.

Client testimonials

"Biggerplate have an impressive offering. The mind map we produced for the future of London really helped pull together the many streams of thought. It was perfect for building collaboration across multiple public, private, and civil society organisations. Liam and his team are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing to use their services."
Brian Kilkelly – CEO, World Cities Network
“The live mind mapping service was a great technique for participants to see how their insights and opinions were linking with others during the workshops. Capturing the conversation from the workshops in mind map format has allowed us to draw together the conclusions for our project. Without them it would have been extremely difficult. Thank you Biggerplate.”
Lucy Frazer – Flood Resilience Officer, City of London Corporation
“Biggerplate provide a seamless professional solution to capturing complex discussions. I will definitely be using them again”
Simon Mills – Head of Sustainable Development, City of London Corporation
“I would recommend live mind mapping to other event organisers without hesitation. The exercise focuses the mind, promotes excellent debate and rationalises often confusing propositions/topics. Watching the map being built live engages everyone in the process and draws out contribution from everyone.”
Cleone Cockburn – Field Marketing Manager, IBM

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