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Use this map to give you and your team food for thought... why do projects fail or come in late and/or over-budget? You could use this map as the basi…
liamhughes 23 August 2015
100% match
XMind Map
This Inspiration map template gives you a solid basis on which to build out a comprehensive project plan, by building out each section of the mind map…
biggerplate 02 March 2021
98% match
Inspiration Map
Top level stages and next level activities assocated with initiating a formal project. Download the free 30 day trial from…
mindgenius 21 May 2012
91% match
MindGenius Map
Project plan template for starting a new business from creating a strategic plan to implementing the start-up plan. Download the free 30 day trial…
mindgenius 21 May 2012
89% match
MindGenius Map
A detailed project plan listing the stages within a product development lifecycle from evaluation through to deployment. Download the free 30 day t…
mindgenius 21 May 2012
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MindGenius Map
Project Plan template with minimalist structure and attractive presentation look. Each branch is sub-divided and can be further developed according to…
imindq 27 June 2018
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iMindQ Map
The Project Plan template is a general template to help project managers define and plan their project. This is one of many project management templat…
mindjet 03 November 2011
86% match
MindManager Map
Download this free XMind template and to help you brainstorm ideas and plan actions for your next event, and use the mind map to manage the project fr…
liamhughes 04 August 2021
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XMind Map
A sample cell phone product launch plan. Download the 30 day free trial from
mindgenius 08 November 2011
84% match
MindGenius Map
This is one of the maps used at Biggerplate to plan out the various stages and actions needed to create this website!
biggerplate 22 April 2008
84% match
MindManager Map
This is a great mind map template that is included within the new version of XMind (2012). The map will help you create a clear project overview, and…
liamhughes 25 September 2012
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XMind Map
Project Schedule Network Diagram Template
simtech 10 November 2016
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MindMapper Map


Experienced Project Manager Jim Franklin (CB&I) shares methods to improve project planning with mind maps.
Jim Franklin 21 February 2017
100% match
In this webinar, you'll learn about some of the key uses of XMind in business! We'll look at how simple XMind templates can help you with project pla…
Liam Hughes 04 August 2021
41% match
Join this FREE Biggerplate webinar to learn about the numerous ways that MindMeister can help business founders and startup teams to brainstorm, plan,…
Liam Hughes 19 January 2022
35% match
In this webinar, Faizel Mohidin (founder: Using Mind Maps Magazine) will discuss his Mind Map to Kanban project which combines Mind Maps with Lean and…
Faizel Mohidin 01 December 2016
30% match
This is the second of three webinars (Part 1 recording available in Biggerplate PRO Webinar archive) exploring the benefits and advantages of using mi…
Markus Kopko 05 March 2019
26% match
In this webinar, Chance Brown (SPX Corporation) will share perspectives and experience in using mind mapping to manage complex projects.
Chance Brown 08 December 2016
24% match
In this webinar, consultant Mark Pohlmann (YellowOrange IT) will discuss how mind maps can be used to report progress to project stakeholders.
Mark Pohlman 17 April 2017
24% match
Consultant Adam Cherrill will demonstrate how to manage real-world, fixed price projects without ever leaving your mind mapping software.
Adam Cherrill 30 August 2017
24% match
In this Biggerplate PRO webinar, Andrew Makar shows us how mind mapping techniques and technology can be usefully applied across multiple stages in a …
Andrew Makar 17 February 2018
24% match
A chance for PRO members to learn about recent progress and upcoming projects at Biggerplate, with a chance to share questions and feedback!
Liam Hughes 02 October 2018
24% match
In this webinar, Jim Franklin will share best practices and lessons learned in creating an online course for Project Management. Discover how to use m…
Jim Franklin 09 April 2018
23% match
In this Biggerplate PRO webinar Dr. Stephen Sweid introduces some new concepts and applications of mind mapping to help you when planning complex proj…
Dr. Stephen Sweid 15 January 2018
23% match
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Strategic Planning with XMind
Learn how XMind can help you conduct effective strategic analysis, and develop clear objectives and …
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