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Facilitating Online Meetings with Mind Maps

Date:: 22 June 2020 |
Duration: 60 mins
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In this time, when many people work from home, video meetings have become even more important and it is vital to capture what is being shared, discussed and agreed. If we are meeting to discuss, agree on tasks and next steps then it is important this is captured and shared quickly after a meeting to enable attendees to start working on tasks. Mind Maps are a great tool to capture minutes of a meeting. Because meetings do not run linear from A- Z. Preparing a meeting in a mind map, because it is a radial format, allows you to easily jump to the relevant topic during a meeting and note down the info. You can easily capture tasks with deadlines and resources as well. Alexis will demonstrate a simple trick that increases the ROI of Meetings significantly.
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Alexis van Dam
Alexis is a sales & marketing lecturer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is also a sales & marketing and productivity coach (MindSparks). He has worked as a productivity trainer, coach and facilitator in the Netherlands and he has been based in Singapore for 5 years. He has trained employees of MNCs, SMEs and governmental bodies to enhance their productivity with the use of mind mapping and other techniques. One of his specialities is using mind mapping to visually capture information during webinars, brainstorms, strategy sessions, online meetings and round tables, so called live mind mapping. He has helped various MNCs and SMEs to develop and implement sales and digital marketing strategies.. He is an active member of the Nyenrode Alumni Association and Round Table.

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